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How do I get in Contact with you guys?

Feel free to drop us a line at or call 406-624-3636

Where are Caravan Skis Built? 

Caravan Skis are built right here in the USA!

What is your warranty policy?

Caravan Skis covers the original purchaser for a 2 year warranty period. This covers any manufacturing defects and does not include damage do to: rocks, rails, stumps, concrete etc. That being said if you bust an edge on some sharp Montana rocks hit us up because we are here to help!

Do you make custom skis?

We love doing custom topsheets for people and love putting awesome artwork on skis (check out the artist edition page). Get in contact with us and we can discuss any sort of graphic design you desire. If you're looking to customize your skis we are always willing to change the composite layers to mess with the weight and flex but we don't offer custom shapes to customers. 

Do you offer sponsorships? 

We usually seek out individuals who we think would represent the Caravan Skis name well. Skiers are always welcome to send us a resume with any photos or videos they have. 

I work in the ski industry, where's the hook up?

We love supporting those dedicated individuals in the ski industry. Shoot us an email with proof that you work in the industry and we'll send you a discount code!