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Caravan's Materials and Construction

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With our beloved winter climates changing before our eyes it’s time for ski companies and resorts to start doing their part in lowering environmental impacts.

Caravan Ski’s prides itself in offering eco-friendly ski’s for all. Core materials are made from bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource. Bamboo cores also have a certain ride characteristic that gives skis a poppy and fun ride with consistent flex, your skis can be better for the environment and more fun at the same time. Foam core skis on the market can’t compete with wood, especially not bamboo, in storing energy through turns and when popping off of features. Wood core skis also have a very stable ride, they don’t ride as stiff as materials like plastic or carbon fiber and in turn dampen vibrations as you ride.

Non-toxic epoxies have been implemented to remove harmful glues and epoxies from the entire skis production. Basalt fiberglass is used as an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful fiberglass's that have been used to manufacture skis for the past 70+ years. This combination of basalt fiberglass and eco-friendly epoxy further adds to the skis damp, poppy, and fun ride characteristics.

Caravan skis are all handmade in the beautiful mountain-west town of Bozeman, Montana. Rather than shipping your new skis from a factory overseas Caravan designs, tests, builds and ships skis right from our homebase in the USA. A lower carbon footprint means less impact on our environment and more snow-filled winters to come.